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There is something to be said about the gifts from Gift Gallery 1000. Our extra ordinary and unique products are made to treasure and experience.

Browse our prestigious collection of the Signature Series 100% Beeswax Candles from Cheeky Bee. The purest and finest beeswax candles we have found, they are hand made in Canada. Each one of these luxury pillars are hand crafted and none is the same. A glowing piece of art that transforms the ordinary rituals of daily life into an extra ordinary pleasurable experience.

The glow of a Signature Series Beeswax Candle has the same magical effect that a fire has. The golden flame and sweet, natural honey scent inspires serenity and romance. As it illuminates, it also invigorates.

Our Ivory 100% Beeswax Candles present the ultimate candle craftsmanship. The wax in these candles is the same as the golden candles, except it is taken one step further. The wax when very hot is filtered through a charcoal filter that removes the yellow pollen. That's right, Beeswax is actually white once the pollen is removed. These elegant time consuming pieces of art are virtually scent free.

These magnificent Gold and Ivory Signature Dripped Pillars range in size from three inches to to the immense 36 inch tower, giving you up to 4000 hrs of enjoyable pleasure and light.

"We love your beeswax candles! They give out such wonderful light and seems to last and last and last... We always have them lit when we have friends and family over and everyone comments on how wonderful they look and the ambiance they create. We will never use anything but your candles. You are the best!" R & A Ray

Gifts for Every Occasion

Pure 100% Beeswax Candles makes a wonderful gift for every occasion and celebration. Either you choose the Signature Dripped in Gold or Ivory, or the Smooth pillar in Gold or Ivory as your choice of gift. The receiver will experience the rich, warm, and luxurious feelings these candles exude.

The Gold Signature Dripped series offer a subtle blend of trend and tradition. The Signature Gold Dripped series gives you that warm, cozy, and romantic experience you only can get from these treasures. We have several in our country home, and a 20 inch pillar is lighting up my den in town.

The Gold Signature Smooth series gives you an elegant and traditional candle that is right at home on the dining room table, the living room coffee table, or the fireplace mantle.

The Ivory Signature Dripped and Smooth candles make a distinct statement at weddings, receptions and formal gatherings. Further these candles makes their presence known in modern downtown flats and in upscale home decor.

For that special look of warmth and elegance, combine two or three candles of each colour, Gold and Ivory. They do look fantastic together.

Our 100% Beeswax candles are the perfect gift to communicate a sense of pride and esteem that the recipient will treasure as long as the gift itself lasts.

No matter whether you need a beautiful birthday gift, a unique wedding present, a special anniversary gift, a Christmas surprise, or a simple thank you, you are sure to find it right here. Don't hesitate to look through all our different sizes and categories. You will definitely find the perfect present here at the Gift Gallery 1000

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